September 18th, 2014

Tag Game: Characters who share the same personality type as you. If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here.

RULES: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below.

TYPE: ENFJ (Diplomat):

and…  Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation


Big thanks to orangeisthenewblue for tagging me - this was such a fun tag game! Thank you so much for including me :)

I’M TAGGING: darlingdiver, tosuexpedition, ducky17, anitavalija, theblanknotebook, curvygirlonabudget, endemictoearth, thisissomefreshbullshit, cheersmedear, madfatty, kneekeyta, @ch1darkcy

My worst quality is impatience.
- Emma Thompson